Cliff Sings
Me And My Shadows
Listen To Cliff
21 Today
32 Minutes And 17 Seconds
When In Spain
Cliff Richard
Aladdin And His Wonderful Lamp
When In Rome
Love Is Forever
Kinda Latin
Don't Stop Me Now
Good News
Established 1958
Sincerely Cliff
Hier Ist Cliff
Ich Traume Deine Traume
About That Man
Tracks n Grooves
31st February Street
Im Nearly Famous
Every Fae Tells A Story
Small Corners
Green Light
Rock n Roll Juvenile
Im No Hero
Wired For Shound
Now You See Me, Now You Dont
The Rock Connection
Always Guaranteed
Together With Cliff Richard
My Kinda Life
The Album
Song From Heathcliff
Real As I Wanna Be
Cliff At Christmas
Somethings Goin On
Twos Company
Love The Album
Bold As Brass
Fabulous Rock n Roll Songalbum
Just Fabulous Rock n Roll Songalbum
Rise Up
Cliff In Jpan
Cliff Live At The Talk Of The Town
Live In Japan 72
Live On Stag
Help It Along
Japan Tour 74
Thank You Very Much
Dressed For The Occasion
From A Distance
Heathcliff Live
Live In Birmingham - 1999
Live ABC Kingston
The World Tour
The Young Ones
Summer Holiday
Wonderful Life
Finders Keepers
Two A Penny
His Land
Take Me High
The Shadows
Out of the Shadows
Dance with the Shadows
The Sound of the Shadows
Shadow Music
From Hank, Bruce, Brian and John
Shades of Rock
Rockin' with Curly Leads
Specs Appeal
String of Hits
Change of Address
Hits Right Up Your Street
Life in the Jungle
Guardian Angel
Moonlight Shadows
Steppin' to the Shadows
Life Story
Live in Japan
Live at the Paris Olympia
Live at Abbey Road
Live at Abbey Road / Live at the Liverpool Empire
Live at the ABC Kingston
The Final Tour
Change of Direction
Illustrated London Noise
Rock Dreams
One step ahead
Ruth Rendell Mysteries
Ruth Rendell Mysteries
Ruth Rendell Mysteries
Ruth Rendell Mysteries
Nomads of the wind
Global sunrise
The Works
Greatest Guitar hits 1
Greatest Guitar hits 2
Living Britain
Official Bootleg
Inside Jet Harris
Diamonds and Other Gems
The Anniversary Album
Twelve Great Guitar Gems
Live Over England
Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt
Two of a Kind
Tributes and Rarities
One of Our Shadows Is Missing
The Phoenix Rises
Diamonds Are Trumps
The Journey
Hank Marvin
Guitar Syndicate
Would You Believe It
Words and Music
All Alone With Friends
Into The Light
Hank Plays Holly
Hank Plays Cliff
Hank Plays Live
Marvin at the Movies
Guitar Player
Guitar Man
Djangos Castle
Without A Word
Walk, Don't Run
The Ventures
Another Smash!!!
The Colorful Ventures
Twist with the Ventures
Twist Party, Volume 2
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
Going to the Ventures Dance Party
The Ventures Play Telstar and the Lonely Bull
Bobby Vee Meets the Ventures
Play the Country Classics
Let's Go!
In Space
The Fabulous Ventures
Walk, Don't Run, Vol. 2
Knock Me Out!
A Go-Go
Christmas Album
Where the Action Is!
Play the Batman Theme
Go with the Ventures
Wild Things!
Guitar Freakout
Super Psychedelics
$1,000,000 Weekend
Pops In Japan
Flights Of Fantasy
The Horse
Underground Fire
Hawaii Five-O
Swamp Rock
10th Anniversary Album
New Testament
Pops In Japan '71
Best Of Pops Sounds
Theme from Shaft
Joy: The Ventures Play the Classics
Rock and Roll Forever
Only Hits
Pops In Japan '73
Jim Croce Songbook
The Ventures Play the Carpenters
Now Playing
Hollywood: Yuya Uchida Meets the Ventures
Rocky Road: The New Ventures
TV Themes
Latin Album
60's Pops
St. Louis Memory
The Last Album on Liberty
NASA 25th Anniversary Commemorative Album
Play Major Motion Picture
Play Seaside Story
The Ventures Favorites
Guitars on Mars
Wild Again
New Depths
Walk Don't Run 2000
Play Southern All Stars
Play the Greatest Instrumental Hits
Christmas Joy
Ventures Forever
Ventures a Go-Go
In My Life
In Japan
In Japan 2
On Stage
All About the Ventures
On Stage Encore
Live, Again!
in Tokyo '68
 Live! The Ventures
Pops in Japan '71
On Stage '71
On Stage '72
Pops in Japan '73
On Stage '73
Special '74 on Japanese Tour
On Stage '74
On Stage '75
On Stage '76
Live in Japan '77
On Stage '78
Super Live '80
Live in L.A.
Original Members: Live in Japan
Live in Japan '65
On Stage Encore / The Ventures Live, Again!
Ventures In Japan/Ventures In Japan, Vol. 2
Live in Japan 2000
 In Japan Live-2000
In Japan, Vol. 1-2
 Pops in Japan, Vol. 1-2
Summer & Winter: Live
Alive Five-O Hits Live
Nokie! (1971)
Again! (1972)
King of Guitars (1973)
Glorious Guitarist (1974)
Terry vs. Nokie
Terry Terauchi & Nokie Edwards 2
Both Sides of Nokie (1988)
Vol. 1 - The Greatest World Hits (1989)
Vol. 2 - The Greatest Hits of the Ventures (1990)
Merry X-Mas from Nokie Edwards (1992)
Nokie and Friends (1994)
1995 Celebration (1995)
Present for My Japanese Friends (1997)
Carvin' It Out (1999)
1999 Plugged & Unplugged (1999)
Pickin' It Up (2000)
No Boundaries (2001)
Hitchhiker (2003)
Plays Gospel Music (2003)
Just for Jake (2003
A Tribute to the Beatles (2004)
 Hitchhiker Heals Hearts (2004)
Nokie Plays the 50s, 60s, and 70s (2005)
Crossover (2005)
Just Doing My Job (2006)
The Golden Fingers of Nokie Edwards (2007)
Nokie's Classics (2008)
Hitchin' a Ride (2009)
Nokie Rocks The Ventures (2012)
Nokie Plays Latin (2013)
Songs for Healing Heart (2014)
80 & Pickin' with My Friends (2015)
In Action! - Mel Taylor & The Magics (1966)
Drums A-Go-Go Mel Taylor and the Magics - In Action. (1966)
007 (1972)
Sand, Sea and Love (1972)
In Japan (1973)
Live in Japan (1973)
Roll Over Beethoven (1973)
The Very Best Of Mel Taylor (2002)
The World is a Curious Place
The 5th Venture
The 5th Venture
In London
In Paris, Dansons avec les Spotnicks
In Spain Bailemos con los Spotnicks
Devenez soliste des Spotnicks
In Stockholm
In Berlin
At home In Gothenburg
In Tokyo
Around The World
In Winterland
Live In Japan 67
Acapulco Mexico
In The Groove
By Request
Back in the race
Ame no ballad
Something like country
The Spotnicks Plays great hits of Japanese tunes
Live in Berlin '74
Charttoppers recorded 77
The Great Snowman
Never trust robots
Saturday Night Music
Pink lady super hits
20th anniversary album
We don't wanna play Amapola no more
In the middle of universe
Highway boogie
In time
Love is blue
Happy guitar
16 golden world hits
The Spotnicks/Bo Winberg #1
The Spotnicks 1997
Live 1999
The Otherside (Of The Moon)
Back To The Roots
Still On Tour
The Real Amapola
Bo Winberg / My Own Favorites
For What We Are
For the Children of the World
Back on the Tracks
You're the One
San Francisco
Dans – Dans – Dans
Greatest and Latest
Wings of Love
Neon Madonna
Walk Right Back
Weil Nur Die Liebe Zählt
More Songs
Our New Songs
Wings of Eurovision
Brothers to Brothers
Brothers to Brothers
Det stille ocean
Jørgen Olsen
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